"The last two years have taught us to prioritize the people we love. As a result, our friends and family have become the most important aspect of our lives. To ensure that we can stay connected to our loved ones while also maintaining a steady income and assets, HotelYaari was created."

-Janardan Tiwari, Founder and CEO

Why Trust Us?

HotelYaari is India's first tech-driven marketplace for hotel rooms and holiday homes, offering individuals a lifetime opportunity to own a suite within a 4 or 5 star hotel and resort. Not only will buyers experience an increase in the value of their suite over time, but they also stand to receive a monthly payouts from the hotel's room reservations. This provides an attractive opportunity for those looking to invest in a lucrative asset that has the potential to appreciate over time.

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Our Leaders
Janardan Tiwari
Founder & CEO

A banker by heart, Janardan started his entrepreneurial journey with Modimania, earned profits from his first StartUp and then jumped the e-learning bandwagon.

He is a serial entrepreneur, and one of the rare gems in India who understands Online education at length. He believes in the power of regular UpSkilling and has re-imagined education that is limitless and ubiquitous. He founded DataTrained and led it successfully towards profitability.

He is the driving force behind HotelYaari, a company that seeks to democratize the travel industry. His goal is to create alternate investments that will bring property appreciation along with steady income and luxury filled vacation nights.