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HotelYaari facilitates ownership of sub-condos, which are fractions of 4 and 5-star hotel rooms known as Condos. Benefits would be monthly income generation from Hotel Rooms Daily Reservations, value appreciation, and exclusive usage and exchange rights.


Select from our 4 and 5 Star Hotels & Resorts Listings

Choose from our selection of 4- and 5-star hotels and resorts. Our expert team is available to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and guide you through the purchasing process.


Monthly Payouts

The Hotel or Resort will generate income from room reservations. You will receive 50% of the profits generated in proportion to your share ownership. A Monthly Income Calculator is provided with each project for reference.


Create long lasting memories

Sub-condo owners will be assigned days to use the hotel according to its scheduling system. This system is straightforward to use and allocates days based on the number of shares owned. It also shows the real-time availability of the rooms for co-owners.


We will provide loving care for your Hotel

HotelYaari offers the advantages of owning a Hotel Room or Sub-condos without the hassle. We provide transparent, quality home administration and property management services.


Property Appreciation

Along with vacation nights and monthly income, you will also experience appreciation in the value of your property. Hotels are assets that appreciate in value. Over time, the value of hotels increases, resulting in a strong positive effect on your ROI.


Have a pleasant and hassle-free exit

You can rely on HotelYaari's support throughout the entire process. If you decide to sell your share and purchase another one, we will list it on our marketplace and help you find a buyer.

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Pride, dream, luxury and income

HotelYaari offers an intelligent way to invest in luxurious hotel assets. Enjoy monthly income from hotel room reservations, vacation nights, and the pride of owning a 5-star hotel.

The Benefits Buying a HotelYarri Buying 100% of a Vacation Home Buying a Time Share Renting a Vacation Home
A luxurious Hotel or Resort Suite/Room that is out of your financial reach
Pride of owing an asset like a 5-star Hotel or a Resort
High Monthly Income from Room Reservations
In-house dining and Bar
Trust that the Your Hotel will always meet high standards of quality, everytime you visit
Potential increase in property value
HotelYaari facilitates and manages rentals