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Your Dreams

HotelYaari facilitates the co-ownership of a home between multiple families while we work as a neutral third-party administrator to ensure transparency and fairness


Discover your dream vacation home

Explore our vacation home listings and find a property that interests you. Our experienced team will provide the support you need to make an informed decision and guide you through the purchase process.


Plan your weeks with plenty of sunshine

Once you own the home, you can start to imagine spending quality time in the sunshine with your family. Easily book the weeks you want to visit and we will take care of everything else.


Create long lasting memories

When you visit your home, our staff will give you a warm welcome, show you around your new home and make sure you have an amazing experience. Enjoy the local-inspired cuisine created by our chefs and the turn-down service provided by our on-site staff.


We will provide loving care for your home

HotelYaari offers the advantages of owning a vacation home without the hassle. We provide transparent, quality home administration and property management services with all operating costs divided among the co-owners.


Easily rent out your home

You have the freedom to use your weeks at HotelYaari however you desire: spend time there yourself, give your loved ones the gift of a lifetime, exchange the weeks for stays at one of our other luxurious properties, or rent out the accommodation.


Have a pleasant and hassle-free exit

You can count on HotelYaari's support throughout the entire process. If you decide to sell your share and purchase another one, we will list it on our marketplace and assist you in finding a buyer.

Own your dream holiday!!

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Enjoy luxurious comfort without guilt or stress

HotelYaari is the smarter way to own a vacation home in India and abroad due to the fact that you can have lasting memories with your family without wasting money.

The Benefits Buying a HotelYarri Buying 100% of a Vacation Home Buying a Time Share Renting a Vacation Home
A luxurious Holiday Home that is out of your financial reach
Have your home management worries taken care of
Private chef and luxury services on-site
Trust that the Holiday home will always meet high standards of quality, everytime you visit
Potential increase in property value
Potential to earn rental income, if you wish
HotelYaari facilitates and manages rentals