A Condo is a type of accommodation that is similar to a hotel room or suite. For example, if a hotel has 100 rooms, then it also has 100 condos. Sub-condos are fractions of a hotel room; if a hotel room is divided into ten parts, then it will have ten sub-condos.

You will receive partial ownership of a condo (hotel room) referred to as a "sub-condo". Alternatively, you can gain full ownership of the condo by purchasing all its available sub-condos.

All properties undergo due diligence to ensure they meet the requirements of four main areas: property, market, legal, and earning potential.
Property – Property inspections include details such as the timeline, budget, zoning, architectural plans, and title report.
Market – Market analysis focuses on microenvironmental opportunities and risks including appraisals, market overviews, demographics, comparable data, and a location map
Legal – Legal checks cover rights, responsibilities, and remedies
Earning potential – Finally, earning potential is evaluated based on the viability of different business models that could generate the highest returns for the property.

A SEBI-registered merchant banker calculates the value of a hotel room. Appreciation of the property is based on factors such as per-room tariff, appreciation over time, occupancy percentage, customer reviews, and land appreciation of the hotel. Every month, a SEBI-registered investment banker determines the value of that hotel.

Owning a sub-condo is a form of real estate ownership. You purchase a share in the associated Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). This entitles you to use and earn from the property according to the percentage of shares you own, for an entire year.

Generally, Special-Purpose Vehicles (SPV) are legal entities or subsidiary companies established for a specific purpose or to achieve a particular goal.

HotelYaari creates a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the form of a Private Limited Company for each Hotel or Resort. This gives you ownership of the shares in that company and the associated voting rights. You will also receive monthly payouts based on your shareholding, as well as Vacation Nights at the property. Timeshares are different, as they grant you rights to use a fixed amount of time in hotels or resorts shared by many people. For more information on the difference between a Condo and Timeshare, click here.

HotelYaari assists with locating and assessing potential co-owners. Our platform makes it easier to take decisions regarding the property among the owners. All booking is managed by HotelYaari's scheduling software, eliminating the need to communicate with other co-owners.

The number of Sub-Condo owners is determined by the price of the associated Hotel Room (Condo). As the entry price for owning a Sub-Condo is set at 5 Lacs, there can be a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 20 Sub-Condo owners depending on the price.

We offer a digital platform with a personalized dashboard that allows you to purchase and monitor information for each of your sub-condos.

The Hotel or Resort is owned by a Private Limited Company, and shares of the property are issued to buyers according to the amount of money invested. Each share is independent from the others, so the owner has the right to use and sell their share as they choose.

There is a cooling off period of 1 Year after the possession of the property. After this period, the particular property shares will be available for resale.

Sub-Condos offer easy liquidation options, with no restrictions on selling, gifting or transferring shares. After the lock-in period, owners have full freedom to sell at their desired value. During the exit process, Hotel Room owners must engage HotelYaari's services to offer the shares to other co-owners, through common channel partners or on HotelYaari's platform. If HotelYaari is unable to sell the share, owners may then sell to a third-party of their own choosing.

The Sub-Condo Owner will determine the selling price. Each month, a SEBI-registered Investment Banker will assess the value of the Hotel Sub-Condo shares.

The owners have full freedom to sell their share without needing permission from the other co-owners.

Yes, if the owners jointly decide that HotelYaari is not providing adequate service, the owner group can vote to remove HotelYaari as the program manager of the Hotel or Resort.

Yes, the Sub-Condo owner can mortgage their underlying share in the property.

Sub-Condo owners will be allocated days according to the Hotel's scheduling system. It is easy to use and fair based on the number of shares owned. The system displays real-time availability and supports three types of owner stays: Planned, Special, and Spontaneous. Planned stays can be booked up to 24 months in advance, while Special stays include major holidays like Diwali and Christmas. Spontaneous stays must be made 24 hours to 30 days before arrival. Room availability will determine how many stays are possible; it is suggested that Sub-Condo owners plan their vacation nights during the Off Season.

Your access depends on the number of shares you own. As per each share, up to 1 day will be allocated to each Sub-Condo Owners in a year.

The company will generate income from room reservations.

You will be liable to get 50% of the profit generated as per your share ownership. Monthly Income Calculator is available with every project. Please refer to the same.

The Organization which has been entrusted with the Management of the Property will take 50% of the profit generated. This arrangement ensures that the property is managed by experienced Hospitality Professionals, who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry, thus providing an optimal level of care for guests and optimizing maximum revenue per share.